Monday, November 27, 2017

REVIEW : Samarkind --- Samarkind (Self Release, 2017)

After the success of the band's lead single "Sun Stroke Sun", it's time Samarkind to release their debut album. To be honest, the name of Samarkind was a stranger to me till now that I received a copy for my review. The one thing that I did right away was to listen the lead single "Sun Stroke Sun". Man, this song rock big time! Somewhere between earlier Thunder and Inglorious this tune grabbed my attention at once!

I, also, read in the band's info that their lead singer David Paul Byrne is in this business for years. Formally teenage wunderkind singer for successful hard rock band Assassin - a time that saw him tour with Def Leppard, Status Quo, WASP, Manowar and more - and featured vocalist on 80's cult movie 'Trick Or Treat' starring Ozzy Osbourne and Gene Simmons.

Even though this is kinda short album (only 8 tracks and only 33 minutes long) is a solid one! It rocks hard and the strong bluesier elements make it extremely interesting n' enjoyable from start to finish. The opener tune of "Black Rain" is the first highlight of this debut. Old-fashioned hard blues rock at its best. It 'smells' bourbon from miles away and it's a really cool opener. 

"Sun Stroke Sun" rocks harder while with "Skinny Rivers" the band delivers another solid blues rock sample. With the ballad "Good Man Call" we are dealing with a superb and very emotional ballad. I really love Byrne's passionate vocals here. The rockier and more U.S. flavored "Thru That Door" is one of my personal favorites here and "Blue Mountain" is yet another strong sample of Samarkind's music.   

Turn off the light, relax, grab yourself a bottle of bourbon with and enjoy this bad-ass classic blues heavy rock album! 

Rating : 8/10 

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