Sunday, June 4, 2017

REVIEW : THE UNITY -- The Unity (2017)

This is really a very interesting band all the way! But let's take things from the start. I have in my hands the debut cd of a new band that called The Unity. The Unity took flesh and blood from the collaboration between Gamma Ray members Michael Ehre (drums) and Henjo Richter (guitar). With the addition of vocalist Gianba Manenti, guitarist Stef E, bassist Jogi Sweers and keyboardist Sascha Onnen (all from Ehre's other band LOVE.MIGHT.KILL) The Unity present us their self-titled debut record that the certain thing is that will rock your world.

The sound here is a really cool mix from the above mentioned bands (Gamma Ray, LOVE.MIGHT.KILL), and that means melodic power metal but also some more AOR-ish and hard rock 'pinches' (especially in the hooks and choruses) makes the final result very attractive. The rhythm section is tight as hell, the riffs n'solos will please every metalhead out there and the performances are just powerful!!

All of songs here are well-crafted, well-performed and leave you a sweet taste in your ears. Harmonies, big melodies and power are all perfectly balanced and it's difficult to find a weak moment or something average.

If I had to choose my personal faves from this debut, those could easily be the 'punchy' and massive rocker of "No More Lies", the epic metal anthem of "Firesign", the catchier "Close To Crazy" (which reminded me a bit of Pink Cream 69's earlier works), "The Wishing Well", "Never Forget" with the up-lifting chorus line and the ultra melodious "Eden's Fall".

Without any doubt, The Unity's debut album is for sure a great start for something big. These extremely talented musicians create a bunch of some killer tunes with their debut that leave a strong hope for the future to come. 

Rating : 8/10

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