Saturday, June 3, 2017

REVIEW : ADRENALINE MOB -- We The People (2017)

Adrenaline Mob is a band that knows how to write punchy, in-your-face and powerful melodic metal stuff, no doubt 'bout that. The band consists of Russell Allen on lead vocals, the extraordinary axeman Mike Orlando on guitars, drummer Jordan Cannata and bassist David Zablidowsky. The new opus is entitled "We The People" and it is obviously influenced (thematically) by the past election year in America.

Musically, it continues were the last "Men Of Honor" left us. I have the feeling, and after the first spin, that the new record is a real monster and it grows with each listen. From the opening tune of "King Of The Ring", Adrenaline Mob is thundering us with their powerful performances, monstrous riffs and their tight as hell rhythm section!! A song that is keeping my head in a rhythmic, slow, but steady, headbanging!!! The guitars of Mike Orlando are out of this world and justify his title as one of the best shredders out there!

"The Killer's Inside" includes more melody, more power, more crazy guitar licks and a chorus line to sing-a-long!! Excellent stuff!! But when it comes to some 'slower', mid-tempos Adrenaline Mob are here too! The mid-tempo "Bleeding Hands" is in one word SUPER!!! It's time for some heavier stuff again with "Til' The Head Explodes" and "What You Are Made Of" that are both very good while in "Ignorance & Greed" we are dealing with a fast and furious metal song that features some pissed-off vocals by Allen. The album, also, includes a cover of Billy Idol's classic "Rebel Yell" which is absolutely fantastic performed!!!

The Mob is back with another superb album that will blow you away!!! Go out, buy this record and crank it up on a maximum volume til' your head explode!!!

Rating : 8,8/10

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