Saturday, May 6, 2017

REVIEW : Starsick System – Lies, Hopes & Other Stories (2017)

Starsick System is a band that has its heavenly sound influenced by bands such as Sixx A.M., Alter Bridge and Shinedown to name a few and mixes perfectly melody and power!! Their debut album "Daydreamin'", in 2015, received positive feedback from both fans and press and left a big promise for the future for bigger things.

Nowadays, Starsick System is back with a new record that is entitled "Lies, Hopes & Other Stories" and it's ready to be heard from a wider audience. I really liked a lot Starsick System's debut record and I was curious about this new one.

The new opus kicks-off with the intense intro of "Nebulous" to follow the first sample of the album. "I Am The Hurricane" is just what I've expected; heavy, modern, loud and in-your-face!! Yes, this is an excellent sample of Starsick System's music that must be heard loud. "Bulletproof" is heavier, groovier and it's overall again a damn fine song perfect for headbanging!!

"The Promise" is a a song that grabbed my attention at once. It is a more technical track that features some excellent arrangements, a darker vibe and a really nice melodic line in it. The beautiful acoustic "Everything And More" gives an extra flavor and shows the emotional side of the band while in "Come On Come All" the band delivers a more straight forward rocker. "Perfect Lie" is the most commercial song here; an up-tempo and ass-kickin' rocker with attitude!!

You'll find also here a cover of the Chris Cornell song “You Know My Name” (James Bond 007 – Casino Royale soundtrack) that is really very good!!

I said it a couple of years back, in my review, and I'll repeat myself once again, this band has potentials to become bigger and with albums like this one the success and the recognition is certain for these modern rockers.

Rating :8/10

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