Sunday, June 8, 2014

NIGHTMARE / The Aftermath (2014)

French heavy metal act Nightmare has already a 35 years career on their back and nowadays they are back in the metal scene with the brand new "The Aftermath". As with their previous releases, "Burden Of God" and "Insurrection", Nightmare continues to deliver a strong dark and powerful heavy metal blend in the vain of classic bands such as Judas Priest and Iced Earth.

The sound is a bit updated without loosing their original trademarks and the band's shouter, Jo Amore, seems to be the perfect man for this kinda of music. Just for the record here, Nightmare was founded in 1979 and released their debut album "Waiting For The Twilight" 1984.

Somewhere in 1985, the band broke up but in 1999 it was time for Nightmare to reunite and to release "Cosmovision". The next album was in 2001 and, after that, the band continued to deliver some really strong albums.

The fact here is that even though I was unfamiliar with the band's music, I really liked what I heard from "The Aftermath". The vocals of Jo Amore are powerful with a strong R. J. Dio feeling in it, the music can be described as classic heavy metal stuff and the band is tight as hell. The guitars are heavy with plenty of in-your-face riffs without loosing some excellent melodic lines and overall all the songs are well-performed.

Highlights here? Many, if you ask me, and to be honest there is no filler in sight. Take for example the excellent Dio-esque "Invoking Demons" and you'll be hit by a classic heavy metal thunder that takes no prisoners! Excellent stuff! The opener tune of "Bringers Of No Man's Land" is another solid and more power metal stuff that includes strong performances, great arrangements and superb guitar work! Listen, also, to "Digital DNA", "Ghost In The Mirror" and "Alone In The Distance" and you'll discover a really interesting piece of pure classic metal stuff in 2014!!!

A damn fine record of classic heavy metal full of powerful performances, solid arrangements and excellent guitar work. For sure, "The Aftermath" is a record that will make proud each and every metalhead out there!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8/10

Track Listing :
01. The Aftermath (Intro)
02. Bringers Of A No Man’s Land
03. Forbidden Tribe
04. Necromancer
05. Invoking Demons
06. I Am Immortal
07. Digital DNA
08. Ghost In The Mirror
09. The Bridge Is Burning
10. Mission For Good
11. Alone In The Distance

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