Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bernie Marsden release EPK from upcoming album Shine

Bernie Marsden releases new solo album 15th August.

Some quotes on Bernie from some of his friends:

Dónal Gallagher

Rory's admiration for Bernie as both a musician and person was huge and like my late brother, I share those sentiments too. 
'As actions play louder than words', Bernie was the first guitarist allowed to perform with Rory's Stratocaster after his passing - in addition to his own great abilities Bernie carries the torch !  

Jack Bruce

When I saw Bernie leaving Abbey Rd. Studios as I arrived, I said - turn around man you're playing on my new album! This was the best move I ever made. Bernie's delicacy of touch hides the great power of his playing. He has that amazing quality of making every note sound like the only possible note that could be played- and that's before you consider the depth of his sound. He is simply fantastic.

Pat Cash
There wouldn't be many guitar fans who haven’t heard a Bernie Marsden riff somewhere along the road. That goes for anyone alive in the 80s and early 90s, guitar fan or not. My first awareness of Bernie was during the glory years of Whitesnake whilst I was travelling the world making a tennis career. Great album after great album, catchy riffs with melodic yet rocking solos. It was post Whitesnake era that I discovered the Marsden voice to its full extent. With his more recent blues albums showing off all his talents. As a Rory Gallagher fan his 'Bernie plays Rory' album was more than a worthy tribute but a pure joy to hear.  No wonder he is applauded throughout the blues and rock world as one of the iconic musicians of his generation.

Elkie Brooks
Having always been a huge fan of blues music and its various transitions throughout the years, there is nothing better than to hear it played with style and integrity. Bernie Marsden has both in abundance.

Although we have met many times over the years & performed on the same bill back in my DADA & Vinegar Joe days, we did not work together until 2002. I was appearing at the Blues Festival in Maryport, Cumbria.
Bernie was on the bill with his own band that night and after a brief catch up in the afternoon, I asked him if he would like to get up and do a few numbers with my band later in the evening.
It was a special night and the atmosphere in the marquee was electric. Bernie added his own special dynamic to our sound and it was a great gig for us all. A few years later I called up Bernie and asked if he would possibly come on the road with us for a few months off we went!  
He was such a marvellous addition and a real pleasure to play with. Alongside his incredible musicianship, Bernie is a real character and always ready for a laugh and a joke, something which comes as a welcome relief when you are away from home for long stretches.
Among the stunning array of songs Bernie has written, I really fell in love with 'A Place In My Heart' which strangely I first heard by Joe Bonamassa, and wrongly assumed it was his composition until I read the sleeve notes and discovered it was indeed written by our lovely Bernie.  
A real testament to a true talent.

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