Friday, April 11, 2014

THREE LIONS / Three Lions (2014)

What is going to be the result if you put in a band the great Vinny Burns (guitars-TEN), Greg Morgan (drums-TEN, DARE), a very talented singer such as Nigel Bailey and one of the most renewed producers of the today's melodic scene, the mighty Alessandro Del Vecchio? The answer is simple; THREE LIONS.

Yes, Three Lions is a new exciting melodic rock band and this is its debut album. “Three Lions” features twelve brand new tracks, written by the band and also in collaboration with producer Alessandro Del Vecchio in two songs. Recorded at The Viper Room, Coil Tap Studios in the UK and Ivory Tears Studio in Milan, this album features a classic melodic rock sound with a brilliant guitar work by Burns, very good performances, solid arrangements and a superb production. It seems like that whatever Alessandro Del Vecchio is involved it turns to gold!!

The album starts off with the simply stunning "Trouble In Red Dress". A classic melodic hard rock gem that includes a catchy as hell chorus line, powerful vocal lines and Burns' stunning guitar lines. For sure, one of the best tunes that I've heard this year so far!! Excellent stuff! "Winter Sun" recalls some of Burns' earlier days with Dare while in "Holy Water" we have a hooky up-tempo rocker. When it comes to a powerful but at the same time emotional ballad from these guys, just listen to the amazing "Two Hearts Beat As One". For sure, this one is a highlight from this debut release. Another excellent heartfelt ballad is "Made For One Another" that features a huge guitar solo!! Other highlights here are the more 'speedy' "Hellfire Highway", the groovy hard rocker "Twisted Soul" and the instrumental "Sicilian Kiss".

No fillers here, just pure melodic hard rock/AOR stuff that includes inspired melodies, catchy hooks and choruses, strong arrangements, powerful performances, well-written songs and, of course, the magic hand of Alessandro Del Vecchio. Highly Recommended!!!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8,5/10

Track Listing :
Trouble In A Red Dress; Hold Me Down; Twisted Soul; Winter Sun; Just A Man; Holy Water;  Two Hearts Beat As One; Kathmandu; Made For One Another; Magdalene; Don’t Let Me Fall; Hellfire Highway; Sicilian Kiss.

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