Saturday, May 7, 2016

REVIEW : FAITHSEDGE / Restoration (2016)

Faithsedge is back with album number three! "Restoration" is entitled the brand new opus by this really amazing band that consists of the very talented singer/songwriter Giancarlo Floridia, Tim Gaines (Stryper) on bass, Alex De Rosso on guitars and Matt Starr on drums. The keys and the production is been handled by the 'mighty' Alessandro Del Vecchio.

The mastermind of Faithsedge, Giancarlo, in his recent interview @Heavy Paradise (read the interview here) stated 'bout this new album : "I wanted a strait up pump your fist like arena rock album on this one . The new changes are more of an arena rock style , more melody, big production, more hooks but keeping my trademark songwriting about real life situations and of course how I sing is a trademarked sound to that I'm proud of and I'm not changing that.... "

And yes, Giancarlo was right!! This new album is the band's best record to date! It's bigger, ballsier with better songs and an late 80's attitude that rocks your world for good!! "Never A Day", the opening tune, is a big in-your-face rocker that grabs you and leaves you hungry for more!!! A punchy cut that shows that Faithsedge is back stronger than ever! In "Jennifer" we have a clear winner; an 80's melodic hard rock gem that could be a major hit back then and a daily airplay in MTV!! "Faith And Chris" is a slower song that shows the great vocal abilities of Giancarlo Floridia but also is yet another highlight out of "Restoration". This tune includes an amazing guitar work by Alex De Rosso that leaves you breathless!! "Her Way Back", "Regret At All" and "Taking Our Lives" are all three superb samples of pure arena hard rock with big hooks and choruses, strong arrangements and powerful performances.

A big bravo to Faithsedge for this great record! "Restoration" is an album that will make proud each and every single fan of the classic melodic hard rock scene of the late 80's, early 90's!! These guys nailed it with "Restoration" and present their most powerful and punchy work to date!!! 

Rating : 9/10

Track Listing :
1. Never A Day
2 . Jennifer
3. You Cannot Give Up
4 . Faith And Chris
5. Her Way Back
6. Regret At All
7. This War
8. Taking Our Lives
9. Let You Breathe
10. This Is Everything

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