Sunday, October 11, 2020

REVIEW : STARDUST, Highway To Heartbreak (Frontiers Music s.r.l.)

One of the brand new 'hot' names in the Euro melodic rock/heavy AOR scene is STARDUST! Having already released an EP, Stardust achieved to gain the attention of the AOR freaks out there but, also, the attention of Frontiers Music.

So, "Highway To Heartbreak" is entitled the band's debut full-length opus and the sure thing is that with that album Stardust will gain the attention of even more fans of this aprticular genre. Mark Spiro and Tommy Denander helped these guys regarding the production and songwritting of "Highway To Heartbreak". 

The opening tune of "Runaway" is simply one of the best tunes out of this debut. Straight forward melodic rock/edgy AOR that includes an amazing and catchy as hell hook and chorus line enough to make you sing-a-long for days. "Heartbreaker" features a more key-driven sound but it's again another killer song while in "Bullet To My Heart" we have another winner. A classic Euro melodic rock gem in the vain of Art Nation, Creye type of music this one is fantastic!! The U.S. flavoured mid-tempo "Perfect Obssesion", the melodic gem of "2nd Hand Love" with its killer hook and the guitar-driven "Shout It Out" are all melodic rock perfection!!  In "Can't Stop Lovin' You" we have one of the highlights out of the debut. A more Survivor-esque tune that will put a wide smile upon the face of every classic AOR fan with its breathtaking melody, the fantstic chorus and its solid arrangements. Excellent stuff! The heavier "Hey Mother" and the huge amd more pop-ish "The River Is Rollin'" (reminded me a bit of The Storm's works..) are both super! 

Simply one of the biggest surprises so far! Classic AOR/Melodic Rock stuff with an updated and 'fresh' sound that the sure thing is that will make your day! Fantastic from start to finish! 

Songwritting : 9
Production : 9
Musicianship : 10
Songs : 10

Overall Rating : 9,5 /10 

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