Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Lions Pride Music presents Wild Souls - I Remember You (Official Music Video)

Lions Pride Music feels very excited to present you Wild Souls's 5th single Official Music Video "I Remember You" taken from their latest masterpiece "Queen Of My Heart"! Enjoy!



Wild Souls are:

George Nikolaou: Vocals

Kostis Tsiligiris: Guitars

Thanos Kalantzopoulos: Guitars

Leyteris Nasos: Bass

Michael Saroglou: Drums


Model Starring: Arxontia Rousiamani

Directed by: Angelo Evans

Special Thanks: Ioannis Tsigkas



01) Nothing But Loving You, 02) Night Groove, 03) Love Ain't No Lie, 04) Ready To Rock, 05) Queen Of My Heart, 06) Sexcellent, 07) I Remember You, 08) Set Me Free, 09) Snakebite, 10) Hold Me Tight, 11) Beyond The Stars, 12) Street Eagles.


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