Monday, July 24, 2017

REVIEW : Everyday Heroes -- The Other side of Nowhere (EP, 2017)

I was looking forward to this new EP from Everyday Heroes. You see, I was blown away with this band's self-titled debut EP and I was curious for their next step. So, here we are, with Everyday Heroes' brand new mini album with the title "The Other Side Of Nowhere".

Their debut was a damn fine piece of pure heavy rock stuff influenced by bands such as Nickelback, Black Stone Cherry and Guns N Roses (in some parts) to name a few. Heavy riffing, attitude and some catchy enough to make you sing-a-long hooks and choruses were the ingredients of their debut.

"Storm" is the first sample of this new album and it's a damn fine one! Groovy, with the well-known heavy riffing, the Nickelback-esque elements are, also, here and with a bad-ass attitude that hits like a hammer!!! Play it on maximum volume! "Little Bit Of You" is again a groovy rocker with a strong blues heavy rock vibe in it while in the "Ballad Of Robert Johnson" the band delivers another yet heavy riffing hard rock gem that I just love it!! "Take Me Home" includes a funky-rock and feel-good vibe in it and the track that closes this absolutely brilliant EP, "The River" is a classic, moodier and a bit late 70's influenced rocker.

I just love this band!! Everyday Heroes is a band that has all the 'package' to become the next big thing in the heavy rock scene! They have the songs, the right attitude, the riffs, the freshness but, most of all, they play their hearts out and that reflects on every single moment here. Buy or die!!!

Rating : 9,5/10

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