Saturday, May 6, 2017

REVIEW : VITNE -- Jupiter (2017)

VITNE is an artist that here in Heavy Paradise will always have a welcome home. It's one of those musicians that put passion and heart in his music and that's a thing that reflects in his music. The new record is entitled "Jupiter" and I have to say that it's the best record in Vitne's career so far.

"Jupiter is heavier than my previous albums, both literally and figuratively," says Vitne. "It's a very personal album, touching on subjects that many experience throughout life such as feelings of detachment."

The album was recorded and produced by Vitneand was mixed and mastered by Rolf Munkes (except “Mirror” mixed and mastered by Joseph Kimbrell, “Are You Real?” mixed and mastered by Kevin Carafa, and “Under the Moonlight” mixed by Johan Vegna and mastered by Mercury Mastering). The artwork was made by Fran├žois Matus.

After the short but intense and beautiful intro of "Mirror", it comes the first sample of the new album. "Masquerade" is simply breathtaking; dark, heavy and melodic with Vitne's soulful vocals to surround it, this is a true gem out of "Jupiter". The next song, "Lion", is heavier and rougher with a late 80's hard rock approach and with a killer chorus line in it. Excellent stuff!! "Make Believe" is yet another highlight; it includes a pop-rock vibe in it and along with some really nice harmonic lines, a great guitar work and Vitne's powerful vocals it's among my personal favorites here. In the real short "Are You Real?" we have a sweet ballad while the same have in the, also, emotional "Under The Moonlight" (that sounds like the sequel from "Are You Real?").

"Jupiter" rocks good with it's 80's pop-rock style and "Edge" is probably the heaviest song here. Punchier and with attitude "Edge" is another highlight out of the new opus. At this point I have to say that the extraordinary guitarist Julian Angel (of the hair metal band Beautiful Beast ) is doin' a hell of a job regarding the guitars in this record.  I loved the pop-ish "Far Away" that 'traveled' me with its superb arrangements and its easy listening sound.  The album closes with the up-tempo and 'happy' tune of "Say Goodbye".

"Jupiter" is an album that includes all the inspiration, love, heart and attitude of an artist such as Vitne is and it proves that this musician is a shining star in this scene. 

Rating : 9/10

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