Wednesday, October 12, 2016

REVIEW : Kieran Robertson / In The Name Of Vanity (2016)

Kieran Robertson is a new artist, 17 years old, from Scotland and nowadays he presents us his brand new record which is entitled "In The Name Of Vanity". After the first spin of this new opus, I have to admit that although his young age, Kieran delivers some really cool stuff here.

His music is influenced by bands such as Marylin Manson, 69 Eyes, Black Veil Brides  Sisters Of Mercy to name a few. Some of the songs here include a Shotgun Messiah's (Violent New Breed era) 'touch' as well. It's, also, clear that Kieran loves bands like Motley Crue and Kiss and that's another thing that you'll discover in "In The Name Of Vanity". It's powerful, aggressive and emotional at the same time, modern and heavy as it gets. You can find some excellent melodies as well along with the 'clever' choruses that stick into your mind. His voice is very strong but, also, extremely sweet (check out "My Everything" and you'll understand what I'm talking about).

In "Secret Lover", I got the picture of Kieran's music immediately. Modern metal with a 'darker' vibe in it, a memorable and 'pop-ish' chorus and some really heavy guitars that makes the final result super!! "This World" sounds like it jumped out from Shotgun Messiah's "Violent New Breed" and it's among my favorite tracks here. But, when it comes to "My Everything", Kieran delivers an amazing and so emotional mid-tempo track. The fast-paced and more straight-forward tune of "Addicted To This Life" is again a very good song while in "Don't Wanna Be Like You" we are dealing with yet killer tune that includes a brilliant guitar solo in it.

All in all, this is a very interesting album. Kieran Robertson with "In The Name Of Vanity" will grab the attention of many modern metal fans out there and the sure thing is that with records like this one we are gonna to expect bigger things in the near future. 

Rating : 8/10

Track Listing :
1. Secret Lover 3:35 2. This World [Explicit] 3:23 3. My Everything 5:10 4. Addicted to This Life 3:59 5. Beauty Blind 3:33 6. Forever 4:31 7. Don't Wanna Be Like You 3:54 8. Freak [Explicit] 3:05 9. Wizard 4:46

All songs written by Kieran Robertson.
Track 1-3 produced & mixed by Joe Graves (Asking Alexandria).
Track 4-9 produced & mixed by Euan Brown.

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