Friday, October 14, 2016

REVIEW : WHITE WIDDOW / Silhouette (2016)

White Widdow is one of my personal favorite bands, period. I simply love the sound of these guys. It's pure melodic rock bliss from another era, the era of the golden sound of the late 80's. White Widdow's sound is heavenly influenced by bands such as Survivor, Def Leppard, White Sister, Journey and Danger Danger to name a few.

With a very talented singer as Jules Millis and, of course with an amazing guitarist such as Enzo Almanzi the one thing that you expect from White Widdow is pure melodic rock stuff that grabs you at once. With three number ones in Heavy Paradise's top lists these Australians strikes back with a new album which is entitled "Silhouette" via AOR Heaven.

As in their previous three releases, the same here, White Widdow continues with the same and 'safe' formula. And that is; up-tempo rhythms, a feel-good vibe, great guitar work, passionate performances, melodies...melodies and again melodies!!! I have the feeling that the new opus is more AOR than the Arena Melodic Rock/Hard Rock stuff of the previous recordings. And as a good friend of mine noticed : "you can understand that this is AOR from the front-cover!!!!".

"Stranded", the opening, is pure melodic rock bliss!! Classic White Widdow sound with a big chorus line, beautiful keys and some great harmonies to die for. Next, "Surrender My Heart" is yet another highlight from the new record. A more straight forward rocker with a superb tempo in it, a positive vibe and, of course, another killer chorus line!! "Last Chance For Love" includes a very nice melodic line in it and a very 80's AOR sound that will put a smile upon the face of every melodic fan out there. The 'punchier' "Wild At Heart" is among my favorites here while in "Waited" we are dealing with a very good and with more edge rocker. "Silhouette" closes with a fantastic track; the 'heavier' "Sleeping With The Enemy" is probably one of the best songs here.

White Widdow strikes back with a very good record all the way. For me, all of their three previous releases are classic in my book! "Silhouette" continues the legacy of this band so as to deliver the classic AOR/Melodic Rock sound of the 80's with plenty of melodies to die for, excellent guitar lines, solid performances and a bunch of some killer tracks!!!

Rating : 9/10

Track Listing :
1.Stranded 2.Surrender My Heart 3.Living For The Night 4.Last Chance For Love 5.Wild At Heart 6.Damage Is Done 7.Game Of Love 8.Smile For The Camera 9.Waited 10.Sleeping With The Enemy

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