Tuesday, September 20, 2016

REVIEW : KEE MARCELLO / Scaling Up (2016)

One of the most talented guitarists in the Heavy Metal/Hard Rock scene is without any doubt Kee Marcello. From 1986 to 1992, he was the main guitarist of Europe and he released some really classic tunes but, also, he put his signature with his amazing skills. With Europe sold over 30 million albums, he landed no.1 on the sales charts in 26 countries and he shared the biggest stages with acts like Metallica, Def LeppardBon Jovi.

Nowadays, this extraordinary musician is back with his new album which entitled "Scaling Up". Some Europe influences, some modern hard rock 'pinches' but also some late 80's U.S. 'touches' are the elements that we ein Kee Marcello's newest album.

"Black Hole Star", the opener, is one of the album's highlights. A monstrous modern heavy rocker with a really amazing guitar work and a 'Prisoners In Paradise' vibe, this tune is simply breathtaking. "On The Radio" is a groovy more U.S. flavored song while in "Don't Miss You Much" Marcello delivers a radio friendly and more commercial rock tune that can be a big 'hit'. "Finger On The Trigger" is the album's first ballad and, man, it's a good one. It includes a nice laid down harmony, a huge and melodious guitar line and overall this is another big moment out of the new record. In "Good Men Gone Bad", the U.S. classic heavy rock elements are obvious and in "Don't Know How To Love No More" we have an excellent mid-tempo track in the vain of Bon Jovi/Europe earlier works.

Overall, this is an extremely interesting record all the way. Kee Marcello is back with a great record that recalls to the glory days of Europe's earlier works with a modern and more updated sound and the final result will please both the old and new fans of this legendary band. Well done!!   

Rating : 8,5/10

Track Listing :
 01. Black Hole Star
02. On The Radio
03. Don't Miss You Much
04. Fix Me
05. Wild Child
06. Finger On The Trigger
07. Soldier Down
08. Scandinavia
09. Good Men Gone Bad
10. Scaling Up
11. Don't Know How To Love No More
12. Blow By Blow

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  1. Can't wait. Kee has one of the best tones out there.