Thursday, September 22, 2016

REVIEW : Eden's Curse / Cardinal (2016)

Eden's Curse is one of my personal bands. Each album of these Melodic Metal/Hard Rock is special to me. Big hooks and choruses, amazing and inspired riffs and solos, soaring vocals and a tight as hell musicianship are some things that characterize Eden's Curse music.

Nowadays, multinational Eden's Curse strikes back with its fifth official release, second with Mijic on lead vocals, and probably with the best Eden's Curse record to-date. Written mainly by the band's long established writing team of bassist and founding member Paul Logue, guitarist Thorsten Koehne and former drummer Pete Newdeck(Tainted Nation), what is immediately apparent about "Cardinal" is that the boys continue to write catchy and inspired music that will be loved by any fan of the melodic hard 'n' heavy scene.

Guitarist Thorsten Koehne delivers some serious and superb riffs and solos and, in my humble opinion, this guy is among the best guitarists out there.

"Prophets Of Doom", the opener, is a fast-paced heavy rocker that includes every little thing that we love from Eden's Curse. But, when you listen to the next song, "Sell Your Soul", its all about melodic hard rock heaven!! The harmonies, the melody, the chorus, the vocals everything here is simply breathtaking!!! "The Great Pretender" is a superb and more straight forward rocker that grabs you with its infectious melody while in "Messiah Complex" we are dealing with a monstrous melodic heavy song and one of the best that this band has ever written!! More 'complex' and heavy, with some prog elements here and there, but with a blasting melody this track is excellent!!!

The seven minute "Find My Way" is another highlight out of the new album. A power ballad with an epic and 'big' sound is pure candy in my ears.  "This Is Your Moment" sounds like it jumped out from Eclipse's latest albums and in  "Rome's On Fire" we have a great high-energetic rocker. In "Unconditional", Eden's Curse invite Leaves’ Eyes vocalist Liv Kristine to contribute in this duet and the result is this brilliant modern pop-hard rock gem.

As I already mentioned above, I love each album by Eden's Curse. This band is capable of delivering solid music that stands through the test of time. "Cardinal" is yet another gem in Eden's Curse discography that should be owned by every serious melodic heavy fan out there. A KILLER RECORD!!!

Rating : 10/10

Track Listing :
1. Prophets Of Doom
2. Sell Your Soul
3. The Great Pretender
4. Messiah Complex
5. Find My Way
6. Kingdom Of Solitude
7. Utopian Dreams
8. This Is Our Moment
9. Rome's On Fire
10. Unconditional (feat. Liv Kristine)
11. Saints & Sinners
12. Jericho

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