Saturday, July 2, 2016

REVIEW : Maverick – Big Red (2016)

Maverick is a band, from Northern Ireland, that since its creation their goal was, and still remains, to create solid melodic heavy rock music with strong emphasis on big melodies, catchy hooks and choruses and generally to bring back the late 80's old school sound.

Having already released an EP and a full-length record, Maverick is back with a brand new album which is entitled "Big Red".

"Big Red" includes every little thing that we all want to listen from this particular scene. Big and loud guitars, attitude, passionate vocals, a 'punchy' sound and attitude (again!!!). From the opener tune of "All For One" Maverick makes clear that they are here to rock us to hell!!! Yes, this song is the perfect appetizer of what's coming-up next. In "Free", we are dealing with a big groovy rocker while in "The One" comes another killer 80's melodic hard rock gem. More commercial with a huge melody and a chorus line to die for. This could be a major hit back then!!

"Forever" and "In The Night" are both perfect samples of pure 80's hair metal stuff with attitude. The fast-paced "Renegade" steals the show here with its powerful sound, the screaming guitars and its memorable chorus. The song "Asylum", which is among my favorites, features Jakob Samuel, lead singer of THE POODLES and the former ALICE COOPER guitarist Kane Roberts.

Bottom line is that Maverick with "Big Red" brings back the sound of Tyketto, Skid Row and Firehouse with style!! A brilliant record that can't be missed by any fan of the late 80's Melodic Hard Rock scene. All the above plus a fresh and updated sound and there you have one of the best album of 2016. 

Rating : 9,5/10

Track Listing :
1. All For One, 2. Free, 3. The One, 4. Mademoiselle, 5. Forever, 6. In The Night, 7. Whisky Lover, 8. Renegade, 9. Beyond The Gates, 10. Asylum, 11. Fly Away


  1. Wow...Never heard of these guys and tried this album...Really digging it. These guys need to work on their pub and get with a bigger label like Frontiers IMO as they're a hidden secret. Thanks for the review!

  2. Just bought this album after scanning some older reviews as I was looking for something new to listen to. Have to say I'm sorry I missed this when it first was released back in August....Great stuff!

    It's a bit raw sounding and isn't quite as polished as most of the stuff that I seem to be listening to from Frontier's these days...But it's still done well. I'd say The One is one of my favorite songs this year.

    Thanks for the review!