Friday, July 1, 2016

REVIEW : MANTI / Dark Obsession (2016)

This is the debut record of the Greek band MANTI with the title "Dark Obsession". MANTI was originally formed in 2016 by the guitarist Anthimos Manti. The band consists of several musicians that each one is givin' his personal signature to the song and at the end makes "Dark Obsession" a very pleasant ride.

My first 'meeting' with MANTI's sound was through the song "Back To Zero". A really cool hard rock track with a strong bluesy vibe in it, that features George Gakis on lead vocals. This song also includes a superb guitar work by Manti and shows his amazing abilities as a guitarist.

The whole album is extremely interesting, as I already mentioned above. The sound is moving from the classic hard rock scene of the late 80's with some modern and heavier-pop elements with Manti's guitar work in front raw!!! This guy is amazing and delivers some remarkable riffs and solos!!!

The opening tune of "Keep On Falling" grabbed my attention at once; groovy with a heavy riffing and a 'darker' vibe this song reminded me of Lynch Mob's latest works. "Mistaken" is a straight forward bluesy-rocker that includes, once again, a superb hook and chorus and Manti's amazing guitar lines. "Fill Me" will shake you while in "Long Way To Go" we are dealing with yet another killer song out of this debut.

Bottom line is that MANTI's debut, "Dark Obsession", is a solid release all the way. It includes a bunch of some killer tunes in it with beautiful melodies, great arrangements, clever hooks and choruses and, most of all, Anthimos Manti's superb guitar work.

Rating : 8,8/10

Track Listing :
1. Keep On Falling, 2. There's A Way, 3. Mistaken, 4. Back To Zero, 5. Open Your Eyes, 6. Fill Me, 7. For You, 8. Long Way To Go, 9. Dark Obsession, 10. Holding Hands.


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