Sunday, June 26, 2016

REVIEW : NOELY RAYN / Escape From Yesterday (2016)

NOELY RAYN is a Greek Melodic Rock/Hard Rock band that was formed in 2014. Before becoming Noley Rayn, the band performed as a Thin Lizzy tribute band under the name 'Remember Lizzy'. They decided that the time has come to write their own songs and so "Escape From Yesterday", the debut, is a fact.

Noley Rayn plays a solid melodic rock/hard rock stuff that is heavenly influenced by bands such as Thin Lizzy (of course...), Gary Moore and Toto to name a few. The lead singer Michael Dandoulakis has a clear and very good voice and gives an extra 'push to the final result '. The guitar lines are filled with some excellent riffs and solos and the rhythm section is tight.

All the songs are well-crafted and well-performed and the Thin Lizzy 'ghost' haunts the whole project. It's really a nice surprise to listen to a band that sounds like the legendary Thin Lizzy, to capture all the magic of this amazing band.

To me there is no filler in sight here, only solid and well-played songs with heart and soul. "Borders Of Love", "I Wanna Run", "Painter Sky", "Best Things" and the epic "Irish Heroes" are the perfect example of a band that stays true to its roots with respect!! Excellent album!!

Rating : 8,5/10

Track Listing :
1. Walking On The Edge 
2. Borders OLove
3. Dazzling Eyes 
4. I Wanna Run 
5. Oceans OSorrow 
6. Remember Our Midnight 
7. Painted Sky 
8. Best Things 
9. Sins 
10. Irish Heroes

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