Friday, June 24, 2016

REVIEW : Tempt / Runaway (2016)

Tempt is a new sensational band from U.S. that plays 'ballsy' and 80's melodic hard rock stuff and includes beautiful melodies, crunchy guitars, powerful vocals, catchy hooks and choruses and can easily be the next big thing, in this very competitive scene, from the U.S.

Its sound is a great mix of the late 80's melodic hard rock scene with a fresh and bit 'modern' approach. The guitar sound here is simply breathtaking; the excellent and inspired solos are the cherry on top to this superb record. The vocals are rough, powerful, emotional and with attitude and the rhythm section is tight as hell!!!

"Comin' On To You" sounds like it jumped out of Van Halen's "1984' record!! Yes, this is a brilliant and very Van Halen tune that will grab your attention at once. Zach Allen, the lead vocalist, sounds like David Lee Roth and Harrison Marcello's guitar lines are super!!! "Under My Skin" is movin' to the same paths, maybe a bit edgier and with "Use It Or Loose It" we have a killer rocker!! A straight forward rocker that could have been a major hit back then and, of course, on daily basis on MTV!! The AOR-ish and moodier "Runaway" is among my favorites from the new album while the 80's "The Fight" will bring you memories from bands such as Starship and Journey. "What Is Love" is more commercial with a so sweet and catchy chorus line that makes you wanna sing-a-long for days!! In "Time Won't Heal", the band delivers a great ballad all the way. A track that reminds of Def Leppard of the "Adrenalize" era. "F#$ked Up Beautiful" is a cool modern rocker with a memorable chorus and "Neurochild" is yet another fast-paced tune that features a heavier riff and attitude!!  

These guys nailed it with this record! "Runaway" is a fantastic album that shows the talent of Tempt. They love the late 80's, early 90's melodic rock/hard rock scene and that's a thing that reflects in each song here. Closing, I have to say a big bravo and I'm positive that this band will aim for bigger things in the near future!

Rating : 9/10

Track Listing :
1. Comin' On To You
2. Under My Skin
3. Paralyzed
4. Use It Or Lose It
5. Runaway
6. Aamina
7. Sapphire
8. The Fight
9. What Is Love
10. Time Won't Heal
11. Love Terminator
12. Fucked Up Beautiful
13. Neuro-Child
14. Dirty One
15. Aamina MW mix

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