Saturday, March 14, 2015

REVIEW : Secret of Boris / Your Ghost (2015)

Secret Of Boris is a new modern hard rock band that is hailing from Dallas,Texas. The sound can be described as  “An infectious blend of catchy hooks, snappy rhythms and aggressive riffage,” according to Jerry Rutherford of LIT Monthly. I would add to the above 'dark, powerful and melodic with lots of attitude'!

Take for example the opening tune of "Virus" and you'll get a clear picture of how Secret Of Boris sounds like. It's a 'punchy' and energetic track in the vain of Adrenaline Mob's stuff and includes a heavy to the bone riffing, powerful and in-your-face performances and a catchy and memorable chorus line. "Desert Blood" is yet another interesting song from this debut. More straight forward tune with some aggressive vocal lines and tight arrangements. "Lost In A Daze" is also another highlight; it's movin' to some 'dark' pop-heavy paths with a haunting melody and it's among my favorites from "Your Ghost". "Something Else", "The Difference" and "What Have You Done" are also very good songs.

Beautiful, strange, heavy and 'risky', "Your Ghost" is a very enjoyable ride in Secret Of Boris world!

Rating : 8,4/10

Track Listing :
1. Virus
2. Desert Blood
3. What You Became
4. Lost In A Daze
5. Retro
6. Fall Down
7. Something Else
8. The Difference
9. The Watcher
10. What Have You Done
11. From
12. Your Ghost

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