Saturday, November 29, 2014

BAILEY / Long Way Down (2014)

BAILEY is the new project masterminded by THREE LIONS (another excellent band) front-man Nigel Bailey. Nigel Bailey's smooth and powerful vocals along with the such impressive list of musicians here like Mario Percudani (guitars), Alessandro Mori (drums) and the 'mighty' Alessandro Del Vecchio keys (he is, also, responsible for the production) make this record a very pleasant surprise for every fan of the melodic hard rock sound.

"Long Way Down" is slightly heavier than Bailey's Three Lions project. It features heavier guitars, an overall bigger sound and a more 'classic' Brit sound.

"Feed The Flames" which opens the album, is pure melodic hard rock heaven! A hook laden guitar driven anthem with a great chorus and Bailey's amazing vocal lines!! Great stuff!!! "In The Name Of The King", the first single, is much heavier while in "Dirty Little Secret" we have a killer track! It includes a melody to die for some tasty guitar lines and, of course, a sing-a-long chorus line! The more AOR-ish "Stay" will put a wide smile upon the face of every AOR fan out there while "Spend The Night" is a very nice ballad with a so sweet melody. One of the highlights, and my personal favorite, of the debut album is without a doubt the beautiful up-tempo rocker "Ticket To Paradise".

For sure, this album came out of nowhere and surprised me in a such a positive way! A 'classic' melodic hard rock album that includes great melodies, some really impressive tunes, very good arrangements, superb performances and a solid production by Mr. Alessandro Del Vecchio. Well done!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8,5 / 10

Track Listing :
 01 - Feed The Flames
02 - In The Name Of The King
03 - Dirty Little Secret
04 - Bad Reputation
05 - Stay
06 - Somewhere In Oslo
07 - Long Way Down
08 - Spend The Night
09 - Love Falls Down
10 - Ticket To Yesterday
11 - Dirty Angel

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