Thursday, November 27, 2014

AGE STEN NILSEN's AMMUNITION / Shanghaied (2014)

What's the result if you take the lead singer of the brilliant Glam rockers Wig Wam Age Sten Nilsen, the very talented producer/singer/guitarist Erik Mårtensson of Eclipse and a fantastic and tight rhythm section such as Robert Brooks (Eclipse) on drums, Hal Patino (King Diamond, Pretty Maids) on bass, Lasse Finbråthen (Circus Maximus) on keyboards and Jon Pettersen (Bad Habits) on guitar? The answer is as simple as that....AGE STEN NILSEN's AMMUNITION.

Yes, "Shanghaied"is entitled this so incredible band's debut release and it's about a stunning record made with an late 80's vibe but, most of all, it is made with heart and soul. Ok, the talent of these musicians is well-known by their work with their main bands (Eclipse, Wig Wam). Erik Mårtensson's put his mark here with his incredible work on the production but, also, in songwriting. The production is big, 'fat' and polished and all the songs have an late 80's, early 90's, feeling that make you wanna push the repeat button over and over again. Age Sten Nilsen's vocal lines are powerful, smooth and the whole rhythm section is tight as hell.

The first single, "Tie Me Down", is breathtaking and it is like a fist in your face. An edgy rocker with a huge sing-a-long chorus that will blow you away!! "Silverback", the opener, sounds like the perfect appetizer of what's coming up-next in "Shanghaied"; a 'punchy' rocker with a Wig Wam vibe in it and a sing-a-long chorus line to die for while in "Shanghaied" we are dealing with yet another impressive tune! "Road To Babylon" is  what I call a great power ballad; it starts slowly and then comes the real thing; big orchestrations, big guitars and a powerful chorus that makes this track one of the highlights here! "Take Out The Enemy (Hallelujah)" kicks some serious asses with its up-tempo heavy rhythm and its 'smokin'' guitar work. "Do You Like It" and the party is on fire!! A pop-metal song with a KISS-disco feeling in it and an explosive chorus that will make you whistle it for days. Check out, also, the big anthem of "Wild Card".

AGE STEN NILSEN's AMMUNITION is surely a great debut album all the way! It's fun, it's melodic, it's heavy,it's powerful, it will grab you at once and includes some really impressive tunes that you are gonna sing-a-long for days!! Also, all its musicians put heart and soul to this project and that's  the thing that counts most.'s only Rock 'n' Roll and I like it!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8,5 / 10

Track Listing :
01 - Silverback
02 - Give Me A Sign
03 - Shanghaied
04 - Tie Me Down (Outro Version)
05 - Road To Babylon
06 - Take Out The Enemy (Hallelujah)
07 - Hit Me With Your Bombs
08 - Do You Like It
09 - Wild Card
10 - Another Piece Of Me
11 - Heart's Not In It
12 - Strung Out
13 - Access Denied (Japan Bonus Track)

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