Thursday, November 27, 2014


Danger is yet another melodic heavy rock band from Sweden but these guys here looks like they came right out from the L.A. Sunset Strip scene! Their music is filled with big hooks, loud guitars, nasty and in-your-face vocal lines and this debut album smells Glam/Hair Metal from mile away. To be honest here, I have the impression that, if this album been released back in 1989, it would have been a huge success!

As I already mentioned above, these Swedes here are trying to reveal the late 80's Glam/Hair Metal sound and, to be honest, they do this in the best way. Their influences are from some great bands such as Twisted Sister, Motley Crue, Shotgun Messiah, Ratt but, also, from some newer bands like Crashdiet and Reckless Love. So, by now you get the picture of how "Danger" sounds!!

Fasten your seat belts 'cause "D.C.A. Hollywood" kicks-off the things here and the party is on fire!! Up-tempo rocker with cool guitars, attitude and a catchy as hell chorus line to make you turn the volume on 10!!! "Down To The Devil" is an edgy melodic hard rocker that includes some heavier guitars while in "California Red" we have a great upbeat tune that it is made for big arenas! "Rockstar" is simply fantastic!!! Pure melodic hard rock heaven and that features a big and sing-a-long chorus line, a feel-good vibe and a more 'modern' melodic hard rock sound. Brilliant stuff!!!! Check out, also, the Shotgun Messiah-esque "On The Edge".

Bottom line is that "Danger" is a very enjoyable album all the way! It's everything that we love from a long time, but not forgotten, era with a fresh and updated air and with lots of attitude!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8,5/10

Track Listing :
 01 - D.C.A. Hollywood
02 - Body to Body
03 - Down With the Devil
04 - California Red
05 - Midnight Shocker
06 - On the Rocks
07 - Diamond Lightz
08 - Rockstar
09 - On the Edge
10 - The Hollow Core
11 - Shout It Out

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