Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tyla J. Pallas / Devils Supper (2013)

Tyla is well-known for his tenure with the legendary The Dogs D 'Amour who the golden days of hard rock released some really good albums and enjoyed success, albeit small, with songs like "How Come It Never Rains "," Trail Of Tears "and" Satellite Kid ".

The Dogs D' Amour always was regarded as a second-league band and never managed to make huge success like other bands of the so-called golden era of hard rock. The truth is that, except a couple of brilliant albums, all the other releases of The Dogs D 'Amour were good or even average, of course in my humble opinion. I, also, have to admit that for several years I was totally unaware of their existence and of course Tyla's.

So, I have in my hands Tyla's new solo work and to be honest I get a little anxious as of what to expect! With the very first song, "Love Is", all the elements of The Dogs D 'Amour are here in full harmony. And what are they? The melody, Tyla's trademark voice, the acoustic guitars along with some electrical short outbursts and generally this tune brings you a flashback of Tyla's main band! The "Long Shadows", "All Alone", "Judas Christ" and "That Someone" can be characterized as highlights from this release and could well be in any of Dogs D' Amour earlier albums.

Certainly the "Devils Supper" neither shocked me nor left me indifferent, too. Perhaps the fact that the same sound we have heard with The Dogs D 'Amour in the past, maybe that nowadays we have releases far superior and with a more ballsy attitude ....I don't know.... the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Btw, most of the songs here are well-crafted with a melancholic vibe in it, very good orchestrations and  Tyla's vocal performances in front raw. The decision is yours!!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 7/10

Track List :
1. Love Is
2. Long Shadows
3. It Aint Over Yet
4. Green Eyed Girl
5. All Alone
6. Judas Christ
7. The Meaning of Fortune and Pain
8. Yeah (I Love You Babe)
9. In Another Life
10. That Someone
11. Home
12. Religion
13. Ode to Jackie Leven
14. Wisdom
15. Judas Christ (Acoustic)

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