Sunday, June 23, 2013


Shortly and before the end of 2012, Firewind, the Greek melodic power metal band, appeared in some live gigs, four, in Greece to promote their new album "Few Against Many". So, nowadays, Gus G and his gang have chosen 17 tracks that were included in this live album which is called " Apotheosis Live 2012".

This is the band's second live album after the very good "Live Premonition" in 2008. This effort is, also, the end of the Apollo Papathanasiou era who after these gigs the band announced his departure. Papathanasiou could not follow the whole program of the band' s live appearances and often Firewind played with session singer. For those who are 'friendly' with the band's live performances, "Apotheosis" reflects genuine and representative the live sound of Firewind .

The quality of the sound is exemplary and it has been a 'clever' work regarding the tracks that have been chosen. Firewind includes here both some older tunes but, also, tunes from their latest studio album. Overall, this a solid live album from a great band that can not be missed by any fan of this band as well as any fan of the power metal sound.
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8,5/10

Track List :
01. Head Up High
02. Wall Of Sound
03. Allegiance
04. Few Against Many
05. The Departure
06. Heading For The Dawn
07. Losing My Mind
08. World On Fire
09. Guitar Solo 2012
10. SKG
11. Between Heaven And Hell
12. Piano Solo
13. Edge Of A Dream
14. Mercenary Man
15. Glorious
16. Maniac
17. Falling To Pieces

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