Saturday, April 27, 2013


From the press release that I received, Neuronspoiler was described as a 'loud' classic heavy metal band that combines perfectly the old-fashioned style of metal along with some modern metal elements as well. The Classic Rock Magazine stated about these guys : "..this multi-cultural quintet can really play...". As for me the truth is that I was never heard about this band till' now and I have to admit that I was curious of what to expect!!

From the first notes of "Digital Resistance" , which is an instrumental, you are hit by a very nice guitar solo till' the opening track, "Through Hell We March", makes its appear; this is a furious classic metal tune that features the necessary high pitched 'screams' and some nice riffs and solos! Good stuff! "Take The Stage" is another solid metal track with a catchier chorus line while in "Irreverent" the Maiden influences are obvious. "Invincible Man", "Exempt Of Privilege" and "Never Back Down" are all three solid tracks with powerful performances and very good guitar work. "Dying Worlds" is one of the album's highlights; it's emotional and features some excellent vocal performances by JR while it includes an intense melody and a just a wonderful chorus line.

Overall this is a solid release! Classic metal stuff that is heavenly influenced by the the UK hard 'n' heavy scene of the 80's. early 90's in a unique way. For the fans of this particular scene but also for every fan of the hard 'n' heavy sound, this is highly recommended.
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8/10

Track List :
01. Digital Resistance
02. Through Hell We March
03. Take the Stage
04. Irreverent
05. Invincible Man
06. Act of Defiance
07. Exempt from Privilege
08. Dying Worlds
09. (Just a Fool) On Your Way Up
10. Never Back Down

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