Sunday, April 28, 2013


Swedish melodic sleaze rockers are back with their brand new album which is entitled "All Around The World". The band's latest two efforts, "Are You Ready" and "Livin' My Dream", were both perfect examples of pure melodic hard rock samples with catchy choruses, up-tempo rhythms and positive attitude.

The album kicks off with the perfect up-tempo rocker of "Everybody, Everywhere". This is a melodic hard rock bliss! Anthemic chorus and heart-full performances in this really amazing song. "Gonna Make It" is heavier but again the chorus line kicks some serious asses!! Cool stuff!! "Crazy" is another killer track; a little bit of Def Leppard plus a strong dose of the Swedish sleaze rock scene and there you have another winner! "Bai Bang", "How About Now" and "Raise Your Hands" are all three have their moments while "Summertime" has a feel-good vibe in it and a really cool groove, love this one! "Now You're Gone" features a mid-tempo rhythm and also includes some modern melodic elements but when it comes to the chorus is pure Bai Bang. "All Around The World" is the absolute highlight here; a killer rhythm line, powerful performances and a great guitar work. Excellent stuff! The track that closes the album, "Get It On", is a very good and in-your-face rocker.

All in all, this is a damn fine piece of melodic hard rock stuff full of up-tempo rockers, catchy as hell choruses and hooks, a positive attitude and a solid production. It's pure rock 'n' roll and I like it!! 
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8/10

Track List :
01. Everybody Everywhere 
02. Gonna Make It 
03. Crazy 
04. Bai Bang 
05. How About Now 
06. Raise Your Hands Now 
07. Summertime 
08. Now You're Gone 
09. All Around the World 
10. Get It On

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