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Wild Rose original idea was sprung in 2004 by Andreas Peyos. In the original composition, due to the impossibility of finding musicians who could support this style of music band, the line-up didn’t remain stable for long and it took a lot of time to create a mellow sound of an AOR band. After trying for two years, and after continuous changes in composition, Wild Rose reached a basic line-up, which was introduced in 2006 to the audience with songs composed by Andreas Peyos: Andreas Peyos - Guitars & backing vocals Sotiris Anthopoulos - Vocals Vangelis Domanos - Drums Philip Sakaloglou - Bass Haris Patsos - Keyboards & backing vocals Very soon Sotiris Anthopoulos left the band to pursue a solo career in singing, and the role was taken by Andreas Peyos 2007.

A new band member took his place in the band as a guitarist, Dimitris Fardis. This line-up played for the support act in the concert of Talisman (Farewell tour 2007) in Mylos Thessaloniki.
During the same period Wild Rose released their first promo cd entitled "It's all about love" which contained the homonymous title track and "Too Late", a track rapidly accepted and loved by the audience of AOR.
 At the beginning of 2008, two members left to perform their military obligations, and Wild Rose spent a long period of inactivity, but not the founder of the band who continued with the compositions. In mid-2009 returned both members & the whole band with a demo cd, which contained 10 songs: 1) That Girl, 2) Too Late, 3) It's all about Love, 4) Hold me, 5) Dream on, 6) If you still love me, 7) I don't know, 8) Goodbye, 9) Want you back, 10) Straight to my heart with the main author Andreas Peyos and secondary Haris Patsos.

With the departure of Dimitris Fardis at the end of 2009, the band turned back to find a singer, which in early 2010 returned Sotiris Anthopoulos to Wild Rose. After three months of preparation for the return of Wild Rose on stage (after 3 years) and eight days before the live, Sotiris Anthopoulos leaves again due to other obligations. Wild Rose, eventually reappear as a quartet with Andreas Peyos on a double role (guitars and vocals).

Middle of 2010, and the band invites both John Bitzios for the role of the lead guitarist, and Alex Verdaris as the lead singer (and they both tag along), putting Andy Rock to Rhythm Guitars & backing vocals, but only to see Alex depart shortly before 2011. In early 2011, preparation and opportunity bring lead vocalist George Bitzios to the band. After that Wild Rose recording Half Past Midnight album.Later on, Vangelis Domanos departs, leading the band to appoint session drummers such as his brother, Danny Domanos. The Wild Rose songs, having matured through rehearsals, have been recorded professionaly this time to produce the debut album with the title "Half Past Midnight" released from Retrospect Records on October 10th. And the story keeps on rockin’…................

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