Saturday, August 27, 2011


After the fantastic two releases from OUTLOUD, another band from my country ,Greece, comes to prove that this country can rock! After a couple of days listening of WILD ROSE's debut album "Half Past Midnight",I have to admit that this is a melodic rock bliss! The band consists of George "The Captain" Bitzios on lead vocals, Andy Rock on guitars, John "Jiosby" Bitzios on guitars, "Dirty" Harris Patsos on keys,  Alex Hughes on drums and Phill "Gun" Sakaloglou on bass guitars. They achieved to sign with Retrospect Records for the release of their album and on September 1st, "Half Past Midnight" will be released worlwide!

So, on this 11 track album you are going to hear some excellent melodic rock stuff with an 80's feeling all over the album, great melodies, catchy choruses and a solid production. The album starts off with a melodic intro and after that comes the first track of the album! Beautiful keybords, a nice riff and a solid rhythm section consist  "That Girl". "Too Late" continues in the same brilliant tempo. Very good melodies, some great vocal lines from George Bitzios and a catchy chorus. "It's All About Love" is my favourite tune from this release. It's one of these tracks that makes you wanna push the repeat button again and again! The melody is simply amazing, the vocals, the guitar work; everything in this song is perfectly balanced. At this point, I have to say that, so far, I'm impressed by the band's lead singer, George Bitzios, this guy is so talented and achieved to give the extra 'push' to the whole album!  Other highlights from this debut album are the 'old' fashioned melodic rock gem "Fire In the Night", the more up-tempo tune of "I Want You Back" and the 'heavier' "Another Shot", which has a catchy as hell chorus!!

Closing, I have to say that it's really difficult to find a weak moment or something average here! Every single track in this release is  pure Melodic Rock bliss for every fan of this gerne! Great musicianship, passionate vocals, solid guitar work, huge melodies and an 80's feeling are the ingridients of "HALF PAST MIDNIGHT". Taste it!
HeavyParadise's Rating :8/10

TRACK LIST : 1.Half past midnight, 2.That girl, 3.Too late, 4.It"s all about Love, 5.Hold me, 6.Fire in the night, 7.Another Shot, 8.Edge of your dreams, 9.Come back, 10.Goodbye, 11.Want you back

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