Friday, December 28, 2018

REVIEW : DeeVer --- 'You Need This' (2019)

DeeVer is a new hard rock band that consists of front-man Wil ‘Billy’ Taylor, bassist Phil Appleton, drummer Higgy and guitarist Stevie Stoker. Billy Taylor is well-known from his works with Brit hard rock band of Inglorious. With Inglorious Billy, released two solid records (the self-titled debut and "II") that both made an impact to the Euro hard rock scene. 
Nowadays, Wil "Billy" Taylor decided to form a new band, DeeVer, with a sound more fitting to his own and personal music taste. After the first spin of this debut opus, I have to say that the sound of DeeVer is far away from Inglorious style. More modern with a heavy pop approach "You Need This" is overall a very interesting album. The guitars are in some parts much heavier and there are plenty of melodies and memorable choruses to sing-a-long.

Billy Taylor says a few words about his new step : "I love the classics when it comes to rock music, and I’ll always appreciate my time with Inglorious. Things change though and I knew I wanted to do something different that suited me, something more contemporary based musically. Now I’m in a band back home with some of my best mates, hammering out the hard stuff and having a great time doing so. It’s reminded me of all the reasons why I wanted to do music in the first place! DeeVer has a pretty vast spectrum of influences from hard rock, to metal, to punk... but I guess you could break our musical DNA down to a few things: aggressive guitars, pop choruses and a B.S. free British attitude! "

I think that Taylor described best the 'who is who' of its new band. "You Need This" is an album that mixes perfectly a variety of rock music. The opening tune of "Fire At Will" kicks-off things here with a dynamic that made me very curious of what's next. Low tuned guitars, a hard pop sound a catchy chorus line. The punkier "Alright" with its more commercial approach is killer while in "Waves" we have a cool fast-paced rocker that is among my personal favorites out of this debut. "Only Enemy" is heavier, punchier and modern as it gets but with a sticky melody in it to make you sing-a-long. Another yet nice track is "Jim". This one will probably reminds you of Green Day's first works.

All in all, this a quite solid album all the way. DeeVer is a band that plays powerful, aggressive and in-your-face modern hard rock/metal and with their debut opus, "You Need This", leaves a promise for bigger things in the near future.

Rating : 8/10

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