Sunday, July 22, 2018

REVIEW : PRIMAL FEAR --- Apocalypse (Frontiers Music s.r.l., August 2018)

Primal Fear is a German melodic power metal band that was founded back in 1997. With, already 11 albums on their sleeves Primal Fear is considered one of the top bands of their genre. Nowadays, the band is ready to bring on its brand new opus with the title "Apocalypse" through Frontiers Music s.r.l.
Primal Fear consists of Ralf Scheepers on lead vocals, Tom Naumann on guitars, Alex Beyrodt on guitars, Magnus Karlsson on guitars & keyboards, Francesco Jovino on drums and Mat Sinner on bass & vocals. So, with this really impressive line-up you can't go wrong!!

In mu humble opinion, Primal Fear's latest efforts ('Rulebreaker' in 2016, and 'Delivering The Black' in 2014) are among my personal faves and both albums are the finest samples of pure and in-your-face melodic power metal at its best! 

"Apocalypse" kicks-off with the intense intro of the self titled instrumental tune and then comes the real thing; "New Rise" and "The Ritual" comes like a storm to kick our asses for good!! Both songs are heavy, powerful and in-your-face (thanx to Scheepers 'metallic' screams n' shouts) and show that this band is still alive and kicking!!! Next, in "King Of Madness" we have another killer tune out of the new effort. Killer riffs, soaring vocals, a tight rhythm section and a catchier chorus line consists this superb song!! 

Double-kick thunder-drumming, heavy riffing and "Blood, Sweat And Fear" is the next highlight of "Apocalypse". Man, I just love this one. It's heavy, aggressive and the guitars are ripping!!!! It's time to slow down things a bit now; "Supernova" is the first ballad of the album. Ok, Primal Fear are well-known for their abilities to write heavy songs but, when it comes to some slower moments, they create amazing things. "Supernova" is one of these songs that you can't stop listen to them again and again!!! "Hounds Of Justice", the melodic metal anthem of "The Beast" and the epic eight minute long tune of "Eye Of The Storm" are all three excellent samples of Primal Fear's music!!! 

Primal Fear is here with yet another killer album!! "Apocalypse" is a damn solid melodic power metal record that must be heard on a maximum volume! It's an album that has it all; plenty of melodies, soaring vocals, strong arrangements, killer solos n' riffs, a tight musicianship and, of course, great songs!!! Buy or die!!!

Rating : 9/10 

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