Friday, May 19, 2017


The Greek heavy rock band of Serenity Broken strikes back with its brand new opus which is entitled "Re/DeFine". I was really curious about this new record from these heavy rockers 'cause I liked a lot their debut "Commercial Suicide" which was released back in 2012.

It was a solid record by a band that had, and has, all the talent to take things to a higher level. Their classic heavy rock stuff mixed with some alternative and modern 'touches' made Serenity Broken's sound extremely interesting and very attractive.

The band consists of Andy Papadopoulos on guitars, Aris Louziotis on lead vocals, Marios Methenitis on guitars and Chris Collias on bass. George Kollias (NILE) is responsible for the drums in this album.

The new album kicks-off with "Fred's Story". A powerful modern heavy rocker with lots of attitude and some short but intense guitar riffs. "Boom!" and suddenly the album is on fire with this furious and straight-forward rocker! More muscle here and I like what I hear!! "Cutaway" reminds a bit of SIXX A.M. while in the heavier "Faint Slit" the band shows off its alternative side and their love for bands such as Alice In Chains and Soundgarden. "Turn Back Time" is just killer!! Darker, heavy and modern with a memorable chorus line this song is one of my personal favorites out of the new opus. "Deadlock" and "Just Live" are two more great samples of Serenity Broken's sound. Both are solid, heavy and powerful with a lot of groove in it.

Strong, powerful and ballsy modern heavy rock with tons of attitude!! I think these words describe perfectly Serenity Broken's newest effort. "Redefine" is an album that will make some noise and will gain a bigger audience for Serenity Broken. They deserve it!!! 

Rating : 8,5/10

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