Friday, May 12, 2017

REVIEW : HAREM SCAREM -- United (2017)

2014 was the year that the legendary band of Harem Scarem returned to the music business with their "Thirteen" album. It was also, the year that these Canadian rockers returned stronger to their roots with a sound that recalled back to their glory first two records.

Nowadays, Harem Scarem are releasing their new opus which is entitled "United" and once again they are ready to please each and every single fan of the melodic hard rock scene. Eleven brand new tracks full of melodies to die for, crunchy guitars (the trademark of this band), amazing vocal lines thanks to the one and only Harry Hess and a tight as hell rhythm section that will send you to heaven!

The new album kicks-off with the simply breathtaking "United". A classic Harem Scarem tune that grabs you at once and puts you into the mood of the new album. "Here Today Gone Tomorrow" is yet another killer track out of the new record. It includes a simply fantastic melody, great harmonies and a 'Mood Swings" vibe in it that makes it a true highlight!!

With "Gravity", Harem Scarem are delivering a modern and groovier rocker while in "Sinking Ship" the classic Harem Scarem sound is back in full power! Amazing tune from start to finish and with a chorus line to sing-a-long! Great just great! "One Of Life's Mysteries" is a really nice power ballad that features great arrangements and some tasteful guitar licks. I like a lot the song "Bite The Bullet" which moves more likely into Hess' solo efforts. But with "Heaven And Earth" the band overcomes itself and it delivers one of their best tunes ever!! Up-tempo with a killer melody in it, this track is pure candy in my ears.

One of my all time favorite bands ever strikes back with a killer record; "United" is, without any doubt, one of Harem Scarem's best albums to-date!! Melodic to the bone, mature and with some fantastic tunes in it, this record comes to prove the quality of this band when it comes to release some melodic hard rock gem. 

Rating : 9,5/10

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