Monday, October 10, 2016

REVIEW : SEVEN / Shattered (2016)

The album "7" from the AOR-sters SEVEN, two years ago, was a fine piece of pure melodic rock bliss that went straight to the heart of every serious melodic fan out there. Nowadays, the band is back with a new opus with the title "Shattered".

As in the previous record, the same here, the band stays true and focused to the classic AOR formulas with its beautiful melodies, memorable hooks and choruses and the superb performances. In my humble opinion I find this new one far better than "7" and it's more 'edgy', thing that I like better.

"Light Of 1000 Eyes", the opener, is the album's first highlight! Edgy AOR stuff at its best with a 'heavy' riff, an amazing solo and a chorus to die for!!! One of the best tunes that I've heard this year!! "A Better Life" is yet another killer melodic rock tune with, again, a brilliant chorus line. With "Shattered" Seven is delivering a true gem! Yes, this song is simply mind-blowing with a killer harmony, hook and some powerful performances enough to make you sing-a-long for days!! In the 'punchier' "Live This Life", the highlights continue while with "Broken Dreams" we have a totally 80's AOR anthem!!  Check out, also, the amazing and up-beat tune of "Taking Over" and the truth is that you'll be hooked with this excellent band!!

Simply one of the best melodic rock/AOR albums of 2016. A true melodic gem that can't be missed by any fan of this scene. Buy or die!!!

Rating : 10/10

Track Listing:
01. Light Of 1000 Eyes
02. A Better Life
03. Fight
04. Shattered
05. Live This Life
06. Pieces Of You
07. Broken Dream
08. High Hopes
09. I Needed Time
10. Taking Over
11. Last Illusion

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