Saturday, October 1, 2016


After the re-release of their 2010 album ‘Shadow Of The Red Baron’ and afterwards are touring Europe with Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody, Belgian Melodic Power Metal band of Iron Mask is back with the brand new opus which is entitled "Diabolica".

This is the band's sixth official release to-date and probably one of the best records that Iron Mask has ever recorded. Dushan Petrossi is responsible for the entire songwriting here and as usual what are we going to hear in "Diabolica" is a mix of old-school melodic power metal with some superb guitar work, a tight musicianship and some powerful and in-your-face performances that will make every fan of this genre extremely proud. The neo-classical and epic elements, the trademark of Iron Mask, are here. The DIO-esque 'pinches' are also here and, as I already mentioned above, the late 80's vibe is also here.

"I Don't Forget, I Don't Forgive", the opener, is the first highlight from the new opus; heavy enough with some excellent and tasteful guitar lines, thanx to this amazing shredder, DIO-esque vocals and a catchy chorus line as the cherry on top!!! "Doctor Faust" is faster, with an Malmsteen vibe in it, bigger and it's again a track that grabs you at once with its superb arrangements. "Oliver Twist", another song that includes an historical figure, is simply killer!!! Epic, melodic with a 'big' and fat sound this tune is pure power metal candy in my ears!!! Petrossi's guitar is on fire and Diego Valdez sounds better than ever in this metal gem!!! Are you ready for metal??? If yes, then, check out the superb "All For Metal" (some Helloween 'touches' are more than obvious) or the self-title track "Diabolica" and you'll be hit with some serious dose of 80's metal!!! I, also, like a lot the more straight forward "Flying Fortress".

Power, melodies, superb guitar work, excellent performances, a strong dose of the classic metal sound of the 80's and a bunch of some serious power metal anthems are the ingredients of "Diabolica"!!!! Check it out now!!!!!

Rating : 8,8/10

Track Listing :
01. I Don’t Forget I Don’t Forgive
02. Doctor Faust
03. Galileo
04. Oliver Twist
05. March 666
06. All For Metal
07. The Rebellion Of Lucifer
08. Diabolica
09. The First And The Last
10. Ararat
11. Flying Fortress
12. Cursed In The Devil’s Mill

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