Saturday, October 8, 2016

REVIEW : Easy Trigger / Ways Of Perseverance (2016)

The band of Easy Trigger was born back in 2009. In the beginning, Easy Trigger was a cover group but after some line-up changes they started to compose their own material. The first EP came out in 2011 and one year later the first full-length record saw the light of day. "Bullshit" was released via Street Symphonies Records, with national distribution of Andromeda Distribuzioni and promotion by Atomic Stuff.

So, here we are, in 2016 and Easy Trigger is ready to unleash its brand new opus which is entitled "Ways Of Perseverance". In the new album, Easy Trigger present us a new singer on board Nico!

The sound here is influenced by the late 80's hard rock scene and that's a thing that can be heard in every song. The opening tune of "My Darkness" is pure hard rock/metal delight; a fast-paced rocker with a Crue-esque vibe, a heavy riffing, in-your-face performances and lots of attitude!!! "Land Of Light", "God Is Dead" and "Turn To Stone" are all three heavy and powerful rockers that features a strong Skid Row feeling in it, sharp guitars and solid arrangements. "Blind" is a nice power ballad and the 'punchy' "Sold Out" is one of the album's highlights!!!

Bottom line is that Easy Trigger strikes back with a really solid and punchy record!! Based on  the late 80's hard rock sound, "Ways Of Perseverance" includes some serious and ass-kickin' heavy rock tracks that will please every fan of this particular scene.

Rating : 8/10

Track Listing :
1. My Darkness
2. Land Of Light
3. The Watchmaker
4. God Is Dead
5. Turn To Stone
6. One Way Out
7. Blind (piano by Andrea Moserle)
8. Tell Me A Story
9. Sold Out
10. The Sand


Nico - vocals
Caste - guitar
Vale - bass
Pane - drums

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