Saturday, September 24, 2016

REVIEW : CRY OF DAWN Feat. Goran Edman / Cry of Dawn (2016)

One of the most respected and renewed musicians is without any doubt Goran Edman. This very gifted musician, with a career spanning over 30 years, with his unique vocal style has been participated in numerous bands/projects such as John Norum, Yngwie Malmsteen, Brazen Abbot and Glory to name just a few.

Nowadays, Goran Edman presents to us his brand new 'baby' which is entitled "Cry Of Dawn". In Cry Of Dawn, Edman is surrounded by some of the most well-known and extremely talented musicians such as Michael Palace, Sören Kronqvist, Daniel Palmqvist, Alessandro Del Vecchio, Daniel Flores and Robert Säll and together they released this excellent piece of melodic rock record. Daniel Flores does, again, a damn fine job regarding the production and some of the above mentioned musicians contribute with their songs to make the final result a very pleasant listening.

The sound here is pure melodic rock/AOR and the sure thing is that it will make every fan of this scene very very proud. "Chance", which kicks-off things here, is an edgy AOR gem with a memorable chorus line, solid guitars and, most of all, Edman's so characteristic vocal lines. "Listen To Me", "When Right Is Wrong" and the more commercial "Tell It To My Heart" are all three great examples of pure melodic rock heaven filled with big choruses, superb melodies and stunning performances. "Light A Light" is another highlight out of this debut; a "punchier' melodic rock tune that recalls to the late 80's melodic rock/edgy AOR scene.  "Can't Go On", "Life After Love" and my personal favorite "Tell Me" continue to deliver tons of melodies to every hungry melodic rock fan out there!!!!

This is a monster melodic rock record!!! Tons of melodies, some really tasteful guitar lines, a tight musicianship, superb performances by this legendary singer and a solid production are the ingredients of Cry Of Dawn!!!!! 

Rating : 9/10

Track Listing :
  1. Chance
  2. Listen To Me
  3. When Right Is Wrong
  4. Tell It To My Heart
  5. Light A Light
  6. Can't Go On
  7. Building Towers
  8. Hands Around My Heart
  9. Life After Love
  10. Yearn
  11. Tell Me

Goran Edman - Lead and backing vocals
Michael Palace - Guitars and bass
Soren Kronqvist - Keyboards
Daniel Flores - Drums and keyboards

Produced by Daniel Flores 

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