Tuesday, April 12, 2016


So, here we are with the Gene The Werewolf's brand new opus which is entitled "The Loner". This Pittsburgh-based quintet, with the strange name, is back in business with album number three and probably its best effort to-date. In 2012, "Rock N' Roll Animal", through Frontiers Records, Gene The Werewolf offered us a damn fine piece of pure rock 'n' roll stuff with a positive attitude and a bunch of some killer tracks in it.

Nowadays, the band takes its sound a step forward and delivers an ass-kickin' rock record that recalls the sound of the late 80's, early 90's, with its attitude, positive vibe and the well-crafted songs. "The Loner" is 'punchier', it includes a bad-ass groove in it and some really powerful performances.

The album kicks-off with the fantastic rocker of "The Walking Dead" that features Reb Beach on guitars. But, hold on a minute; this album is a pleasant surprise with each song!! Just check out the boogie and groovy tune of "Too Kool For Skool" or the rockier "Let It Loose" and you'll be thrilled!!! "A World To Rely On" is a song that AC/DC would die to write back in their hey days and "Easy Woman" mixes perfectly the blues with hard rock and the result is simply breathtaking!!!!

All in all, this is a superb album all the way!!! Gene The Werewolf achieve to release a so refreshing and enjoyable record that stays true to the late 80's hard rock sound and includes a bunch of some killer tunes in it, lots of attitude and great arrangements. Highly recommended!

Rating : 8,5 /10

Track Listing : The Walking Dead, Boogeyman, Too Kool For Skool, The Loner, Let It Loose, A World To Rely On, Fortune And Fame, Easy Woman, If You Want Me, The Best I Can


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