Saturday, April 9, 2016

REVIEW : BASTIAN / Rock Of Daedalus (2016)

The Italian hard 'n' heavy band of Bastian is back with album number two. "Rock Of Daedalus" is entitled Bastian's newest effort and, apart of leader and guitarist Sebastiano Conti, the band features, bass player Corrado Giardina, Michael Vescera on vocals and John Macaluso on drums.

The debut record, "Among My Giants",  included a bunch of some serious metal songs with a great musicianship, very good performances and an excellent guitar work.

"Rock Of Daedalus" continues where "Among My Giants" stopped;  the late 80's classic hard 'n' heavy sound is in front row and Bastian prove that has all the 'package' to become a fan favorite. "Strange Thoughts" is the first track of the new album and it is the first highlight here! A classic metal tune with Vescera's extraordinary vocals, Conti's heavy riffs and great arrangements to bond this brilliant track. "The Pide Piper" includes a bad ass groove (reminded me a bit of Malmsteen's 'Seventh Sign') while in the soulful "Man Of The Light" we have a great ballad in the vain of Rainbow and Led Zeppelin's works. "Steel Heart" is yet another killer tune out of the new album; Conti's amazing guitar licks and Vescera's superb vocals create one of the best tracks here.

For sure, "Rock Of Daedalus" is a solid record all the way. In my humble opinion, this is better than the debut and includes better songs that with Conti's excellent guitar work and Vescera's performances take the whole project into a higher level.

Rating : 8/10


1.  Strange Thoughts
2.  The Pide Piper
3.  Vlad
4.  Terminators
5.  Man Of Light
6.  Man In Black
7.  18 In Woodstock
8.  Steel Heart
9.  Smokin’ Joe
10.  Wind Song

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