Wednesday, October 1, 2014

KHAOS / Risen (2014)

The name is deriving from—quite obviously—chaos, the mechanism of tearing down preconceived notions, clearing a path for new realms of creative endeavors. The cause came together internationally, breaking down boundaries and borders. Music without rules and without obstacles is the basis for creative motion and innovation. Out of that, Khaøs was born.

KHAOS consists of Chandler Mogel on vocals, Mark Rossi on guitar, N I c Angileri on bass and Trevor Franklin on drums. RISEN recorded by Rolf Munkes at his Empire Studios in Germany and mastered by music legend and award winner for Adele’s ‘21’ Tom Coyne at Sterling Sound in New York.

To be honest with you here, I was really anxious to hear more music from this band after the fantastic single "After The Silence" that came out earlier this year.

The album kicks-off with the simply breathtaking "After The Silence" (read above). "Crisis Factor" that follows is another excellent modern heavy rocker that includes a brilliant solo, powerful vocal lines by Mogel and a killer chorus line! "Exalted" is movin' to some 'classic' rock paths with a moodier vibe while in "Loaded Question" we have another highlight out of the new record. Another excellent modern and in-your-face rocker that takes no prisoners. "Ride The Chain" and "Static Windows" are both rocked my world with their big and fat guitar sound and the powerful performances. "Hung The Moon" includes a hunting melody and a 'darker' vibe and once again Chandler Mogel's amazing vocal lines that rockets this tune to a higher level. Superb stuff!!

Bottom line is that KHAOS with their debut achieve to impress us with their 'dark' and technical music. "Risen" achieves to balance between hard rock and modern rock with style! It's dark, it's beautiful, it has attitude and all the musicians here put heart and soul and that's a thing that reflects in every single moment of it!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8,3 / 10

Track Listing :
01) After The Silence
02) Crisis Factor
03) Exalted
04) Loaded Question
05) End Of Daze
06) Merchants Of Khaøs
07) Ride The Chain
08) Hung The Moon
09) Imagined Danger
10) Static Windows
11) As Far As We Go
12) The Breathing Room

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