Sunday, October 5, 2014

ALLEN - LANDE / The Great Divine (2014)

The first chapter, "The Battle", of this amazing project was in 2005 and it was, and still is, a classic in my book. Strong harmonies, powerful and emotional performances were the ingredients of that record. Many websites and magazines named it "Record of the Year". Its success made it one of the most popular releases ever in Melodic Heavy Metal. "The Revenge", in 2007, was another solid release and a bit heavier while "The Showdown", three years later, closed the trilogy.

Nowadays, the powerful duo of Russell Allen and Jorn Lande are back with another strong effort in the same vain as in their previous three albums. This time "The Great Divide" sees a majors change in the formula since songwriting and production are now in the hands of Timo Tolkki, former Stratovarius member.

The new album starts-off with the brilliant and extremely melodic "Come Dream With Me". This is just killer melodic metal at its best; powerful, with superb vocal lines by these two excellent singers and with a chorus line to sing-a-long for days! "Down From The Mountain" is heavier (Timo Tolkki's signature) but with, again. a huge chorus. "In The Hands Of Time" melodies take command and at the end we have another winner out of this new record. Great arrangements and a so melodic guitar line compose this really stunning tune!  "Dream About Tomorrow" is yet another highlight while "The Great Divine" will surprise you with its 'dark' and doomy sound. Very Black Sabbath-ish this tune is simply breathtaking! Check out, also, the more commercial "Reaching For The Stars" that sounds like a leftover from the debut album.

Allen-Lande are back with another solid release, no doubt 'bout that! I really can't say if this new one is better than the classic debut but, for sure, I can say that "The Great Divine" gettin' close to that huge record. Great arrangements, a big and heavy guitar sound, well-composed songs and, most of all, superb performances! 
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8,5/10

Track Listing :
 Come Dream With Me; Down From The Mountain; In The Hands Of Time; Solid Ground; Lady Of Winter; Dream About Tomorrow; Hymn To The Fallen; The Great Divide; Reaching For The Stars; Bittersweet

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