Sunday, October 5, 2014

ADRIANGALE / Defiance (2014)

Back in 2000, ADRIANGALE, a new hard rock band, was born and put a smile upon the face of every classic hard rock fan out there. It combined the sound of acts such as Danger Danger, Firehouse and Bon Jovi and that means catchy choruses, sweet guitar solos and a tight musicianship. The band that was formed by vocalist Jamie Rowe (GUARDIAN) and guitar player Vic Vivera, since the debut, it delivered some really solid albums like "Crunch" and the last year's solid opus "Suckerpunch!".

 Nowadays, Adriangale is back with the brand new "Defiance" and it's ready, once again, to impress us with its pure late 80's hard rock sound. As in their previous albums, in this one as well it is a combination of heavy, still melodic, riffs, 'clever' n' memorable hooks and choruses and a superb musicianship.

"Defiance", the opening track, is pure hard rock bliss! Heavier but with a brilliant melody and a killer guitar work by Vic Rivera! "Yours Forever" is yet another heavier tune with a big and fat sound and a catchy hook and chorus. "Back To You" features more melody, it's commercial and it reminded me a bit of Danger Danger's latest work (Revolve). Sweet! Other highlights from the new album are the ultra-catchy tune of "Sometimes", the anthemic "Fire" and the emotional ballad of "Last Of My Heart".

This band is gettin' better and better with each release! They deserve more recognition 'cause their music is pure melodic hard rock heaven in an old fashion way. Do a favor to yourself and check this album out! Extremely enjoyable from start to finish! 
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8/10

Track Listing:
01. Defiance
02. Yours Forever
03. Back To You
04. What About Love
05. Fall
06. Sometimes
07. Warning Signs
08. Fire
09. Last of My Heart
10. Speed

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