Thursday, March 13, 2014

SECRET ILLUSION / Change Of Time (2014)

Secret Illusion is a Greek melodic power metal band that was formed somewhere in 2007 as a project when Fillipos and Chris were met and decided to join their forces and start something based on their influences and their love in the melodic power metal scene in general. In 2008, they released their debut EP and later they started working on their first full-length effort.

 After sending out a lot of promotional packages around the world, in 2011 they were signed by Rising Records (UK) and they released their first album “Illusion” (2011). “Illusion” received some great reviews all over the world and proved to be an excellent start for the band! Two more EP's followed, a live performance, as opening act for the great Stratovarius and finally the band's second album which is entitled "Change Of Time" is ready to be unleashed this year and put Secret Illusion among the best in this particular scene!

"Northern Lights", the opener, is simply stunning! It includes a beautiful melody and epic feeling and some really great arrangements! A really impressive intro. Next, comes the first track, "Born Once Again" and it shows the abilities of this band. For sure, every single fan of this particular scene must check this tune out! The harmonic parts are delightful while the guitar solo takes you to heaven! Pure bliss! In "Point Of No Return", the band follows some harder edged power metal paths with high pitched vocal lines, a double-kick drumming and a 'darker' vibe. The choir parts of "Winter Poem" are givin' the extra flavor to this complex tune while "Love Lies" is another highlight from this album. A more straight-forward song which contains a very good riff, very good orchestrations, soul-full performances and a memorable chorus line!

A really solid melodic power metal album. These guys achieved to create something competitive in comparison to their lookalikes from the European scene. They have the songs, the melodies, the ideas, the heart and soul to take Secret Illusion to a higher level and I'm positive that they are in the right way! Well done!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8/10

Track Listing :
1. Northern Lights
2. Born Once Again
3. Point of No Return
4. Perfect Fantasy
5. Beauty Queen
6. Winter Poem
7. Change of Time
8. Love Lies
9. Words Left Forgotten


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