Sunday, November 17, 2013


IMPERA made a big impression to the European melodic hard 'n' heavy scene with its last year's debut album. It was a about a solid album with strong performances by the 'mighty' Matti Alfonzetti, very good guitar work by Tommy Denander and an impressive rhythm section from Johan "Impera"Kihlberg on drums and Mats Vassfjord on bass.

The sound of Impera is based basically on 80's, early 90's hard rock with a metallic edge and some modern hard rock pinches here and there. Nowadays, the band is back with the brand new "Pieces Of Eden" and the guys deliver another great sample of pure hard 'n' heavy stuff with soulful vocal lines, amazing guitar work and a tight musicianship.

The new record starts with the heavy riffing tune of "Beast Within" which is the perfect appetizer of what's coming-up next. This is an ass-kickin' brilliant rocker with a huge chorus line and Alfonzetti's superb vocal performances. "These Chains" has an old-fashioned Jagged Edge-esque feeling while the same goes with the very good "All Alone"Smalltown Blues" has a really nice groove in it and "Since You've Been Gone" is a great bluesier rocker with an incredible guitar work. Great stuff!! "Goodbye" features a more commercial sound and an up-tempo rhythm that fits perfectly with your summer car cruising across the open highway! "Easy Come" is another cool rocker that could easily appear in Jagged Edge debut, "You And I" rocks good and "This Is War" features a darker harder edged vibe. "Fire And The Flame" that closes the album is probably the heaviest cut here.

Overall, this is a really solid album that includes some killer songs in it! It's catchy, well-crafted, with strong arrangements, very good performances and the experience of the musicians that involved here takes this album into a higher level! Highly recommended!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8/10

Track List :
01. Beast Within
02. These Chains
03. All Alone
04. Smalltown Blues
05. Since You've Been Gone
06. Goodbye
07. Easy Come
08. You And I
09. This Is War
10. Fire And The Flame

Matti Alfonzetti – vocals
Tommy Denander – guitars
Mats Vassfjord - bass
J.K. Impera – drums
Lars Chriss – guitar, production
Bob Kulick – guest guitar 

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