Saturday, November 16, 2013

CATEGORY VI PREMIERE NEW TRACK "Silence Befalls The Crowd"; Upcoming album "FIREBORN" in final mixing stages

ST. JOHN'S, NL, CANADA - Melodic heavy metal act Category VI have unveiled a new song "Silence Befalls The Crowd" from the band's upcoming debut album FIREBORN. Stream the song here:

"With the mixing entering the final stages, we wanted to release a song that covers all the musical bases we touch upon: melodic metal, traditional metal, and even a nod to good ole thrash metal" commented guitarist Geoff Waye. Vocalist Amanda Marie added "The song is about how a lot of us expect change in our world but refuse to stand up and take initiative to create change. We often complain about how shitty the world is yet we just stand by and do nothing. Silence Befalls the Crowd is a call to arms, it is a song about the destruction in the world and our ignorance against it, it is a strong message to stand up for what we all believe in and create peace."

The lyric video was compiled by Ritche Perez for the band. Besides the lyrics, the video features images of the band, FIREBORN album art, and visuals that fit the theme of the song.
News on the release date for FIREBORN will be announced soon. Stay tuned to the official Category VI Facebook page at: for the latest info.

Category VI...
Amanda Marie - vocals
Geoff Waye - guitar
Keith Jackman - bass
Adam Thistle - drums

FIREBORN Recording Line up...
Amanda Marie - vocals
Geoff Waye - guitar
Tristan Adey - bass
Jason Williams - drums

Category VI online...

About Category VI:

Hailing from the misty shores of Avalon, Category VI formed in early 2010. The band brings something new to the local Newfoundland metal scene as they are the only band from the city that plays melodic metal and the only active female-fronted melodic metal band in the city! Category VI has performed live in St. John’s several times with other local hard rock and metal bands as well as with touring bands. On April 16th, 2011 the band released their a three song demo entitled VINLAND. The band is currently in the final mixing stages for their debut full length album.

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