Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Following the steps of classic metal bands such as Warrior, Psychotic Waltz and Rough Cutt among others Benedictum have managed to create a strong fan base and they can be characterized as the truly ambassadors in the world of traditional heavy metal.

Their music, for those who don't know, is a great mix of the aforementioned bands enriched with elements from classic-Rainbow era with some epic pinches with strong performances from the sexy Veronica Freeman, great guitar work and well-made compositions.

Their debut "Uncreation" was and still is a very good sample of Benedictum music and generally an album that should not be missed by each and every metal fan out there who respects himself!! So, nowadays, Benedictum is returning to the metal scene with their brand new essay entitled "Obey" to offer us another sample of quality melodic metal.

After the epic intro of "Dream Of The Banshee", it follows the heavy and in-your-face tune of "Fractured" where Benedictum unleash a metal thunder with aggressive vocals by Veronica Freeman that reminds of the 'mighty' Rob Halford!!! The self-titled track, "Obey", and "Fighting For My Life" are movin' to the same heavy paths. The sequel is pretty much the same with a heavy song succeed each other until we reach to the fantastic "Cry" where we find the 'mighty ' Tony Martin. Perhaps the highlight of the album since we are dealing with a classic and very 80's power ballad. In "Apex Nation", we have perhaps one of the heaviest cuts of the album and probably one of the strongest that this band have ever recorded !

Closing, what I have to add is that Benedictum returned with a classic metal dynamite ready to sweep everything in their way and make every metal-head out there very very happy!!!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8/10

Track List :
Dream Of The Banshee; Fractured; Obey; Fighting For My Life; Scream; Evil That We Do; Crossing Over; Cry; Thornz; Die To Love You; Apex Nation; Retrograde

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