Sunday, October 27, 2013


Are you a big fan of Metallica's "Black Album" or Pantera's "Far Beyond Driven"? If the answer is yes, then look no further; Lords Of Ruin is a relatively newcomer to the metal world and has one mission, to bring back the sound of those above mentioned bands with an updated twist. That means, big n' loud guitars, powerful in-your-face performances and an overall 'fat' sound.

"Life Is A War" is entitled the band's brand new 5 track-EP. Lords Of Ruin consists of Lauren Boquette (vocals) Jimmy Craig (lead guitar) Travis Dunn (rhythm guitar) Chico Tovar (bass) and Lagarto “Paco” Marley (drums). As I said, their music reminds a lot of Metallica and Pantera's earlier works filled with big and powerful riffs and solos, strong arrangements and their lead shouter delivers some really in-your-face performances!! All of the five songs here are movin' in the same hardcore metal style without being boring. Listen to the incredible catchy opener tune of "New Life" or the totally Pantera-esque "Wrong On The Inside" and you'll understand what I mean!

This is a hell of a record all the way even if it's a bit too short. Powerful, in-your-face with the right attitude and perfect for each and every single metal-head out there!!!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8/10

Track List :
1. New Life
2. Welcome To The Last Time
3. Wrong On The Inside
4. This Is Her Life (wasted)
5. Life Is A War

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