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Csaba Zvekan is back in business with his brand new baby EXORCISM. After the really solid metal album with Raven Lord, Csaba is ready to make some noise with this new exciting metal act. Once again Heavy Paradise and I are please to have Csaba here for an interview to tell us some things about his new project. Enjoy!!! 

Heavy Paradise : Firstly, I would like to welcome you at Heavy Paradise, Csaba, for this interview. Exorcism is a new promising metal band and I have to say that I’m looking forward to hearing your new stuff; but before this, would you like to introduce to our readers your band members and tell some things about this new project?

CsabaVery first I would like to thank you for the interest in EXORCISM. Heavy Paradise has always been good to us and the many projects we have. Now this brand new band EXORCISM is in fact some material that I've been working on for some time now. The early beginnings of songwriting go back to the year 2006/2007. But these days we can announce a line up, a band name with logo and banner and actually a record deal for a release in early 2014. 
The band members consist of me on the vocals, JOE STUMP on the guitars, LUCIO MANCA on the bass and recently we just found GARRY KING to complete the line up. The music is somewhat different in tempo as what I did with RAVEN LORD earlier this year. EXORCISM is very doomy, in the mid tempo with groovy beats more like in the veins of BLACK SABBATH and JUDAS PRIEST. 

Heavy Paradise :  So, are we talking about an old-fashioned metal style here or are you going to have some new metal elements as well? How could you describe the band’s sound?

Csaba : The song writing is somewhat old school or retro based still with plenty of modern influence. My vocal melodies are hovering over some lava drum grooves and some atmospheric synth pads with bass lines spiralling you down a black hole of the Doom Metal Universe. With chunky guitar riffs hypnotising the EXORCISM sound. The music is dark and suspense making heavy use of the "tritone" or "devil's interval". 

Heavy Paradise : The songwriting in Exorcism is it a team work result or is it a one man’s job? Are you done with the recordings of your debut? When is it going to be released?

Csaba : I started working on these songs a few years back and now added more and more songs to make the record even more interesting. This has now become a group effort where the individual musician would work out their own instrument and style. So in reality a merger has happened of the four of us. EXORCISM is somewhat different form the songwriting as it starts out with the singer and the melody and builds up on that. So the foundation of chord progression, lenght and overall mood of the song has been set. Still leaving plenty of space for the individual musician to shine.
After pre-prodcution no we are in the midst of recording the tracks in a clean fashion and giving the finishing touches. The record should be released early 2014.

Heavy Paradise : Have you already find a record company to release the album, Csaba?

Csaba : Yes, we are very fortunate to have the trust of the people from GOLDEN CORE RECORDS that are a sub label of the much bigger ZYX MUSIC, Germany. Just recently we signed a recording contract with them based on a handful of demo songs. We are grateful of having found the right home for EXORCISM.

Heavy Paradise : Is there going to be a video-single or a teaser of what to expect of your new release?

Csaba : Ohh yeah you bet there is! There's gonna be all kinds of goodies. I don't want to spoil it for now.

Heavy Paradise : Are there going to be live performances to promote your new work and what about Greece..? Do your plans include our country as well?
Csaba : Absolutely. Our philosophy and main goal is always to perform live and to promote the new record. Festivals, touring etc. and if Greece wants to have us then we'll play there as well. I know metal is big in Greece and we have many friends and a fanbase there already.

Heavy Paradise : One last question Csaba; what about Raven Lord? What are your future plans with this band?

Csaba : Yes, RAVEN LORD is another one of my babies. Sure, you can have as many children as you wish and can afford time wise. With RAVEN LORD we're planing the second record also sometime next year. There is no direct competition between the two bands as the music completely differs. Besides that the core line up is pretty much the same like with EXORCISM.

Heavy Paradise : At this point, I have to thank you for sharing all these information with us and to wish you all the best for your future plans!! Rock on! 

Csaba : I thank you HEAVY PARADISE and for all our Greek readers check out our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/exorcismband and check our official website regularly at http://www.exorcism13.com .

Thank you "Metal Knights" \m/


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  1. EXORCISM to present a "sneak peek" video trailer feature the song "ZERO G" that appears on the forthcoming CD. http://youtu.be/e0Y15GUFYxY
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    Video teaser: http://youtu.be/e0Y15GUFYxY