Saturday, October 12, 2013


Oliver Hartmann is well-known as the lead singer of the melodic metal act of At Vance but also as a solo artist that released five really solid albums. Nowadays, HARTMANN is releasing a compilation effort with the title "The Best Is Yet To Come" which includes the highlights of all of the band's previous releases plus some bonuses.

This is a really perfect compilation for each and every single fan of Hartmann but also for the newcomers of Hartmann who wants to discover a great band. Tracks like the brilliant up-tempo rocker of "All My Life", the rockier "Alive Again", the Whitesnake-esque "Out In The Cold", the amazing power ballad "After The Love Is Gone", my personal favorite "Don't Give Up Your Dream" and the modern rocker of "Save Me" are all here in this amazing compilation. The two bonus tracks are brilliant and features Tobias Sammet and Sacha Paeth, both from Avantasia.

As I already said above, this is an album that must be owned by any fan of Hartmann's but also for each and every single fan of pure melodic hard rock sound!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 9/10

Track List :
01 - All My Life
02 - Alive Again
03 - Right Here Right Now
04 - Out In The Cold
05 - Crying
06 - After The Love Is Gone
07 - Like A River
08 - The Sun's still rising
09 - What If I
10 - Don't Give Up Your Dream
11 - Suddenly
12 - Save Me
13 - Coming Home To You
14 - Into The Light
15 - Brothers (Live ft. T.Sammet & S.Paeth) [bonus]
16 - Music (Live) [bonus]

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